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Not ready to travel? Interested in an Ayurvedic Psychotherapy or Vedic Astrology session?

Interested in a Pilgrimage?

Interested in a Pilgrimage

Not ready to travel? Interested in an Ayurvedic Psychotherapy or Vedic Astrology session

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What is a Mindful Pilgrimage?


Over the last nearly 50 years I have visited over 50 countries.  Many of them repeatedly.  Thats a lot of miles..  Each time I have gone out into the world, I experience something new - more importantly I learned something new about myself.  Travel has a wonderful quality of giving us the opportunity to renew ourself, our patterns, and our perspectives.


In my own search for inner peace and outer harmony, traveling has shown me where my own work is every time im asked to adapt or integrate something new.  Many times im asked to shed some former dogma or belief in trade for a revised or enhanced version of what I once knew.  Ive discovered the more I live in the present moment, the easier life gets.  Each time I align with the world right around me, each time I “let go” of what holds me back - I find myself propelled forward.


Ive spent the last years studying many forms of Dharma or Purpose as well as most of the major psychologies.  My study brought me to the 8000 year old tradition known as the Vedas.  Specifically Jyotish (Eastern Astrology) and Ayurveda (self-healing).  Ive spent my time working 1:1, with couples, and groups in essentially a therapeutic setting.  Unlike traditional talk-therapy on its own, ive conjoined these with behaviorial therapies to create a holistic remedy for inner wellness and outer alignment.  By combining awareness of the body and its ailments with the mind and its stressors we can build a wholistic view of the path to feeling wonderful.  Both about ourself as well as the world around us.


Much of the work I have done over the years has been in the form of single serving sessions that cumulate over time.  In addition to traditional session oriented work ive also discovered an immersive methodology that allows us to go very deep into our center to discover who we really are and what we are truly made of.  This methodology comes in the form of Dharmic travel.  The idea is that if we align our center with our immediate surroundings we learn how to adapt ourselves to any moment in any location.  


How this works:

After an analysis and assessment of our strengths and weaknesses we can develop a customized program that results in living a fully aligned day.  We move across landscapes or travel to intentional destinations to put ourselves into play…. We learn how to show up both for ourselves and for others.  This workup includes an extensive assessment of self using both ancient astrology and modern psychology to identify what will serve us the most.  From there a pilgrimage is designed that compels our self growth.  This can be done with a single person, a couple, or even in a group setting.  We let the workup determine what will be most productive.


Travel with purpose is all about finding out what our true life calling is and “why we are here”.


For more detailed information on my philosophy of self healing visit - where I offer session based healing.





Here what others have been saying:


"A mindful pilgrimage indeed."


"I will never be able to say enough about a trip I took with mindful pilgrimage and our host Troy Snyder.

I love to travel, meet new people, experience new cultures. But this was beyond any of my expectations.

This trip was to South Africa and Botswana. With a group of guys I had never met, but hopefully will always be brothers going forward.

    It was a journey not a trip. Full of fantastic memories and stories that I will always be grateful for.

And a year prior I would have never seen myself there.

Sometimes when presented with a decision. It’s always better to say yes and not think to much about why you did.

    Our Pilgrimage this past April is a reminder to me that only good things can happen when you do.

Troy managed not only to put together a fantastic trip and experience, but also limited the group that went to people he thought would match up well for the 3 week experience.

That was necessary, because we spent a lot of time together. Traveling to some very private and remote areas, only shared by very few. Private camps not open to the public. Guides not working for large game reserves but native people who’s families had been caretakers of these special places for decades.

In many cases we were able to do things that only private landowners would be able to do.

We need not ask for permission most places as we controlled our own destination.

And I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

I can sit here and tell you about all the animals we saw, the beautiful scenery we encountered. But that’s what you need to see for yourself.

   What I wanted to make sure I wrote about. Was the life changing experience I had, and I believe 6 others as well that wouldn’t have happened without just saying yes

I am already looking forward to my next trip with Troy and mindful pilgrimage. Wherever it may be." 



"Thousands of words are not enough to tell the story.  Hundreds of photos are not enough to paint the picture.  And 2 weeks with Troy on safari is only a bare beginning of an appreciation of all that Africa offers.  So perfect was the organization, pace, company, I would do the entire trip again despite the many other areas of Africa I want to and have yet to explore.  I have several friends who have been on safari and not one has related experiences anywhere near as authentic as we had on our trip.  I can’t recommend Troy highly enough.  He is a seasoned traveler with a unique eye for authenticity.  You will not be disappointed."

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